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Senior Care

You’re worried that your mom or dad isn’t eating correctly, taking medication or getting out and socializing. You want your loved one to be as independent as possible, but you need to ensure his or her safety and comfort. That’s where Jewish Family Service of San Antonio comes in.

Aging can be hard for many, and we are here to ease that burden however we can. Our senior program is designed to enrich the lives of elderly family members through managed problem-solving, in-home counseling, advocacy, and support.

In the home or in another residential setting, our services enable older adults to obtain the highest level of independence, comfort, and safety consistent with their capacity and preferences for care — and give their family members peace of mind, no matter the distance or location.

Whether you are local or are trying to manage the special challenges of caring for your loved one from a distance, JFS can help you navigate the available resources and confusing array of benefits and to cope with the stress of managing your own family, work, and caring for your aging parent or relative.

If you or anyone you know needs Senior Services, call (210) 302-6920 and ask for the social service departmen

Case Management and Coordination

Aging brings with it a broad range of issues that are constantly changing. It can be an overwhelming challenge to know exactly what to do and where to get help.

Our continuum of care approach gives older adults immediate access to whatever help they need through a regular relationship with a designated case manager who assesses needs, develops a care plan, and arranges for necessary services.

JFS’s care managers are credentialed, experienced social workers. They combine compassionate care with the objectivity and expertise necessary to help you make informed decisions.

If you or anyone you know needs this kind of support and assistance, call (210) 302-6920 and ask for the Director of Social Services.

How We Help

The first step is a comprehensive, in-home evaluation. All aspects of the older adult client’s life are reviewed, including general health, medical treatments and providers, medications, mood, cognitive ability, physical ability, nutrition, home safety, current benefits and relevant legal issues. From this review, a care plan—designed to assure safety and independence and to enhance overall well-being (functional, cognitive and emotional)—is developed and implemented.

Home visits and frequent phone contact allow care managers to continuously track how well clients are doing, to judge whether current services are meeting needs, and to make required changes in a timely manner.

Relationships established with clients ensure that you have a professional available to monitor and address changing needs, as well as to immediately address any crisis that may occur.

If a client can no longer safely and comfortably live at home, JFS will present residential options that meet the client’s needs, preferences, and finances; help with arrangements to make the transition as smooth as possible, and provide ongoing care if desired.

With the approval of the client, the case manager regularly communicates with family members to provide updates, answer questions and provide peace of mind.

JFS provides in-home counseling for older adults in the community who could not otherwise access more traditional office-based mental health services.

  • Caregiver Support:  We respond to the needs of caregivers by addressing the emotional, familial, interpersonal, and economic stressors that can lead to Caregiver Burnout.

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