Las Vegas Tragedy

The Las Vegas mass shooting is a national tragedy. Thousands have been impacted by this horror as they try to contact friends and loved ones who were attending the concert, or wait for news after a surgery, or begin to mourn because someone they knew and loved has died. At JFS, we respond to this latest episode of random violence as mental health professionals who often meet people when they are suffering a loss. The JFS therapists know that the shock and horror of this event will quickly fade from the headlines. Loved ones will be buried. The wounded survivors will move on, or at least try to move on. But the event will reverberate through the years for those who were there or knew someone who was.

Each impacted soul should be on guard for signs of post-traumatic stress such as chronic anxiety, fearfulness, and hyper-awareness of their surroundings. They should be aware that they will all grieve in their own ways, but that the stages of grief—shock, denial, anger, sadness, and acceptance—need eventually to be accomplished. Fortunately, there is, in every city in the country, help for those who were traumatized by this or other private or public tragedies. Therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists can provide a listening ear and help heal the emotional wounds that are sometimes overlooked when the physical wounds are so great.

If you know anyone who is struggling with grief, loss or trauma, remind them that they can get the support and help they need by calling Jewish Family Service at 210-302-6920.

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