JFS Helps Clients Cope with Loss

September 11, 2001, was a day that lives in infamy. But, in many ways, September of 2017 has been just as traumatic. The people of the Texas and Louisiana coasts are only beginning to recover from Hurricane Harvey. Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands are reeling from the one-two punch of Irma and Maria. And Mexico has endured three deadly earthquakes. Millions of people have experienced the loss of life, of property, and of normalcy. They are going through stages of grief: shock, denial, anger, sadness, and (eventually) enough acceptance to be able to move on.

Their pain is great but no greater than the family that lost a child in a senseless car crash or a beloved grandparent to the scourge of Alzheimer’s disease. Few people understand what’s happening to them when confronted with the death of a loved one. They experience confusion, intense emotion or are strangely numb, have trouble accepting the reality of the loss, and can lose faith in God and humanity.

Most people who reminisce about the deceased with other loved ones and who embrace rather than fleeing from their feelings find their way through their grief. But some need extra help. Jewish Family Service can provide support and counseling during times of mourning and loss.

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