The Thinking Patterns that Shaped Us

By: Sofía De La Garza, M.S., LPC-Intern

Growing pains, we all have them.

From the physical to the psychological, we have all experienced them in different ways. For some of us, our experiences lend from the hardwiring of our brains towards things like anxiety, depression, nervousness, and trauma. As children and adolescents we are very impressionable. Our self-esteem is fragile as well as our response to negative stimuli.

Think back to a time when you had to adopt a particular thinking pattern for the first time. Maybe you were dealing with a strict teacher or struggling to pass a course. You may have even been the subject of gossip during your freshman year of high school. As we grow, we shed old thinking patterns and create new ones. As we reminisce we realize the things that once bothered us no longer do. You might ask, “how does this happen?” Well, all of our old thinking patterns were not old at all during a particular point in time.

These thinking patterns were there for a reason and served a purpose. As we get older, we learn to adapt to the world around us. These old thinking patterns transform into a form of resilience against negative stimuli. As adults then, we are better able to handle anything that comes our way. Old thinking patterns are the very thing that marks our journey of growth. Without them we will never grow in character and strength. In this manner, as adults we hold the key to better navigating the world around us. We possess so much more insight to the world around us than we know.

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