Communication as an Art Form

By: Sofia De La Garza, M.S., LPC-Intern

Communication is the greatest tool we possess. Words can explain and describe so much. The missing link to communication; however, is what the other person really means by what they are saying. We all take in and process information differently. Counseling teaches us that we are a product of our lived experiences. These lived experiences molded and shaped us into the individuals we are today. There is an art to communication as we create the template to properly communicate what we are trying to convey to the listener.

Creating this template means we have to take the listener’s personality and mannerisms into consideration. For some individuals, certain phrases evoke negative emotions, while for others, they do not. Essentially, it is important to know your audience. Misinterpretation or your words being taken out of context are common occurrences when interacting with others. Communication is unique as our own personal psychology is behind every word. If the listener does not quite grasp the concept we are trying to convey it is okay. There is magic in that.  It is this magic that we naturally possess which allows us to look at the world in unique and different ways.

We each share similar lived experiences but view each one in slightly different ways. These slight differences provide a means for conceptualization which leads the way in navigating the world around us. In this manner, we are all working with a different artistic lens. It is easy to lose sight of this.  Ridicule, criticism, bullying, rejection and negativity are all factors that tamper with our belief in ourselves. It is important to remember that these factors should not inhibit us from communicating. Your template for communicating is unique and personal. It allows for a personal strength that cannot be matched. How has your template helped you navigate the world?