The Building Blocks of Our Lives

By: Sofía De La Garza, M.S., LPC-Intern

“Always let your conscience be your guide.”- Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio

This is probably one of the greatest quotes of all time. Thanks to Mr. Walt Disney, we all have a point of reference when checking in with our moral compass. When we think about what a conscience really is we find out more about ourselves. Our conscience is essentially that still, small voice inside of us that lets us know which path to take. The concept of good vs. evil is at play here. Our conscience helps us make a moral decision in tough situations. Choosing good over evil is the end result.

As we grow, we encounter many difficult situations. Factors that influence these difficult situations include: a time, a place, a person, and our intuition which is specific to our developmental stage at the time. These different situations serve as the building blocks of our lives. If we are attentive, we can be more attuned to how these building blocks live within us to help us with the next difficult situation. In this manner, our conscience is the reinforcer to these building blocks. If we look back at our lives, we can remember how a certain situation made us feel. Our feelings helped us conceptualize a situation to better help us navigate it.

This is not accomplished without that still, small voice, however. Our earliest building blocks still live within us, helping us every day. We may not see, feel, or think about them in the moment but, they are there. We may now be in a different developmental stage of our lives however; we can refer back to a particular file in our mental filing cabinet for assistance. How have your conscience and building blocks come to your aid recently?

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