A Man I Know Who Eats Well

A man I know who eats well, exercises and sees his doctor regularly was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. His family and friends expressed sympathy and support and tried to not tempt him with favorite, and now forbidden, desserts. They understood diabetes as a disease with multiple causes, many of them genetic.

Another man, successful, responsible, and happy, suddenly became irritable, lost focus at work, appeared listless and frequently said that life was terrible and would never get any better. His family and friends were annoyed by the irritability, told him to buck up when he appeared sad and didn’t want to be around him when he verbalized his hopelessness. They, like many people, did not recognize or understand what the man was going through and assumed that he could overcome his problems through willpower or by “just getting over it.” After months of suffering from these symptoms he finally saw a mental health professional, was diagnosed with major depression, began to take anti-depressants and finally returned to being his old self.

Major depression has a strong genetic component and is very treatable. JFS provides affordable, compassionate care to people with depression, anxiety, manic-depressive illness, and many less severe but equally painful problems. If you or anyone you knows is struggling, call JFS at 210-302-6920 and ask for an intake worker.

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